Artist's Statement.


Creativity is the way to tell a story and evoke my feelings. I take my inspiration from the great Impressionists as well as old masters of the Renaissance period, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and Caravaggio as well as with extraordinary look at the world around us through the philosophy of Kazimir Malevich, Suprematism. I capture the mood of the surrounding world through colors and lines. I am also drawn towards the simple and unpretentious. I use traditional materials such as oil, watercolor, ink, and pencil. Trained as a classical painter, I decided to expand my artistic view on abstract forms that consist of a blend of lines and color. This reflects my interpretation of the abstract way of thinking.

The sensibility is reflected in my graphics series “Love in three colors” and “Adam & Eve Rebirth”. Each work depicts an emotional connection between people, an expression of love, passions, and movement as a continuation of life.





Elena Iosilevich (Seroff) is a Russian-American artist who was born in Kaliningrad, Russia. Elena studied fashion design at LEX University in Tallinn. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Elena returned to Kaliningrad, where she earned her diploma from the Art and Industry College in Decorative Art major. It was here that she got her first experience as an art teacher in the local elementary school and as a stage designer for the school of performing arts. In 1996, Elena moved to New York. She participated in the intensive two-year program for figurative drawing at The National Academy and School of Fine Art in 2010. During her study at NASFA, Elena met great artists such as Sharon Sprung, Nicholas M. Dollar- Raynolds, Eric March, and took multiple private art lessons with Brandon Soloff at Chelsea Classical Studio. Elena's interest in classical drawing and painting allowed her to build a strong understanding of the core rules in fine art. For the past years, Elena has been focusing on developing new techniques and expanding her view in abstract art. 


In 2015, she started Clarus Art Studio for kids and began to volunteer as an art director at The Pushkin Society in America. In 2016, Elena founded The Pushkin Society Artists Guild for established and emerging artists and curated many art and literature events. 


Elena is a member of the Southampton Artist Association, National Association of Women Artist, an International Art Alliance, and Brooklyn Arts Council. Elena believes that observation and creativity, as well as hard work and learning, are the keys to her development as an artist. She currently lives and works in New York, NY.


CV / Selected Exhibitions ( PDF)

Curriculum Vitae 


  • The certified program, Sotheby's Art Institute

       New York, NY


  • Figurative Drawing, National Academy and School of Fine Art,

       New York, NY


  • Professional Art and Industry College

       Kaliningrad, Russia                                      

  • “LEX” University

       Tallinn, Estonia


Artworks are represented in private collections in the USA, Spain, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine.

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